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Nita Ambani Robot - Nita Ambani Robot - Gyaani Mind

Nita Ambani Robot | Nita Ambani Robo – Gyaani Mind


Who does not know Nita Ambani, she is the wife of Mukesh Ambani, who was once Asia’s richest person in India, and is known for her big and expensive hobbies. Nita Ambani, also a fashion icon, has a lot of expensive things.

Because of this she always remains in the discussion, but this time the reason for her coming into the discussion is a robot, yes you heard it right, this time Nita Ambani has bought a robot whose price you will be shocked to hear, the cost of this robot is in billions.

The robot does everything according to Nita Ambani’s saying, you must have heard many discussions about it, but today we are going to give you complete information about it and Nita Ambani’s hobbies in this article.

Who is Nita Ambani?

People know her not only as the wife of Mukesh Ambani but also in the room of the Indian team mistress and a social worker. She has thought behind Jio, and it is said that because of this, India Mobile data is cheap in me, it is always in the discussion because of its expensive things. Today we are going to tell you about his 5 biggest likes, which now this robot has also joined.

Most Expensive Phone

Nita Ambani has one of the most expensive phones in the world, this is iPhone 6, you must be thinking that iPhone is not the most expensive phone in the world, but before that, know that this is Nita Ambani’s phone, the iPhone 6 will not be this phone The price of this phone is Rs. 3 crores.

This phone has a pink color diamond and it is completely gold, small and small, about 100 daemons are installed in this phone, due to which its price becomes 30 million and it is included in the world’s most expensive phone. 

Private Jet

Nita Ambani has her own private jet, which she uses for her own personal use, wherever she comes, she does not go on a normal flight, but travels in her own plane, it was gifted to her by her husband Mukesh Ambani on her birthday. Ambani also keeps many expansive gifts dated to his wife from time to time, which always remains a topic of discussion.

Luxury Cruise Ship

Nita Ambani also has a luxury water ship, this ship was given by her husband Mukesh Ambani as a birthday present, as we told you earlier, expensive gifts have been given to her by her husband from time to time, which is always discussed.

This ship is said to be worth Rs. 180 crores, and its price can also be higher. On this ship, they want to roam with their whole family for a holiday, this ship has all kinds of amenities, it is said that there are 24 rooms in this probe as well as one open for partying is present on it and this helipad is also present, this is another big hobby involved in the expensive hobby of Nita Ambani.

Expensive Bags

Nita Ambani has a large collection of expensive backs, which includes another big hobby in her millions, whose value is estimated in several crores, she has big and expensive bags from many luxury brands, including Gucci Parada Varshache Louis Brands like Vitto are involved.

They have been seen with these bags at many parties and wedding functions. It uses different bags according to each dress. Joining represents another sign of being rich.

Nita Ambani Robot

Nita Ambani always remains in the discussion because of her expensive hobby and because she has very expensive items, this time the reason she is in the discussion is a very expensive thing. This time Nita Ambani made a very expensive Bought of robot that does everything according to what they say.

Although there is a large army of servants in Nita Ambani’s house who are ready to do all her work, in spite of this, Nita Ambani has bought this robot, there are reports that this vote does everything at the behest of Nita Ambani. Due to which he gets complete rest, Nita Ambani said that she is not able to pay attention to her fitness due to her busy schedule.

Due to which she comes again to you, there are reports that after the arrival of the Nita Ambani robot, whatever work Nita Ambani speaks to this robot, it works, the cost of this robot is being told several billion, which proves that Nita Ambani has to buy expensive things. She has been a hobby since the beginning and she continues to follow her hobby. Nita Ambani Robo is the new gossip in the town.

No one has such an expensive robot in India, although, at this time Mukesh Ambani is the second richest person in India, who was once the richest person in India and Asia, despite this, Nita Ambani’s hobby has not made any difference. She is ready to pay any cost to fulfill her hobby.


This year Mukesh Ambani got the title of being the first richest person in Asia and India, now this book has been named after Gautam Adani, but despite this, there has been no shortage in the hobby of Mukesh Ambani and his wife.

This proves that a person has more hobbies than money, he fulfills his hobbies at any cost, Mukesh Ambani and his wife Nita Ambani are seen proving that Nita Ambani proved this by buying an expensive robot. have made that there is nothing more important to them than their hobbies.

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