Marseille vs PSG score: Messi and Mbappe Le Classique’s victory PSG in score and result

Marseille vs PSG score

Marseille vs PSG score: Messi and Mbappe Le Classique’s victory PSG in score and result


Marseille vs PSG score: Nonetheless, despite Le Classique being one of the most intense rivalries in France, PSG may be pardoned for having one eye on their next Champions League match against Bayern Munich in 10 days.

Even so, Parisians didn’t appear to be caught staring at the calendar as Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi put on a show to defeat Marseille’s archrivals Paris Saint-Germain 3-0 at the Stadium Velodrome. Messi scored a third goal, while Mbappe scored twice to earn himself a double. They put on a fantastic show as a group.

Despite being in poor form and leading their opponents by five points in the Ligue 1 rankings, PSG knew that any further lapses could jeopardise their prospects of winning the domestic championship. They took care not to flinch, increasing the Ligue 1 lead to eight points before the game’s conclusion.

Marseille vs PSG score Marseille actually had a good start, attacking the PSG defence hard, but Mbappe’s goal off of a Messi counterattack put an end to it, and PSG easily won. Mbappe’s second goal equaled Edinson Cavani for the most goals ever scored by a PSG player, becoming Messi’s first Le Classique goal of his storied career and his 700th club goal.

The one negative event for PSG was Presnel Kimpembe’s early exit from the game after 20 minutes due to what seemed to be a troublesome non-contact injury. Kimpembe was spotted on crutches on the PSG bench during the second half, and it was later revealed that he will miss the rest of the season. Given how thin the defence is now, his loss could be costly in the future.

Marseille vs PSG score

Marseille vs PSG final score:


Confirmed lineups:

Marseille (3-4-3, right to left): 16. Lopez (GK) — 3. Bailly (Clauss, 66′), 5. Balerdi, 23. Kolasinac — 30. Tavares, 21. Rongier, 27. Veretout, 18. Malinovksyi (Ounahi, 81′)  — 17. Under (Payet, 81′), 70. Sanchez (Vitinha, 81′), 6. Guendouzi.

PSG (3-5-2, right to left): 99. Donnarumma (GK) — 5. Marquinhos, 4. Ramos, 3. Kimpembe (Danilo, 16′) — 26. Mukiele (Zaire-Emery, 61′), 17. Vitinha, 6. Verratti, 8. Ruiz, 25. Mendes (Bernat, 76′) — 30. Messi, 7. Mbappe.

Marseille vs PSG score: Marseille vs PSG live updates, highlights, commentary

FULLTIME: Maseille 0-3 PSG

Marseille vs PSG score: The Classique got off to a strong start for Marseille at the Stadium Velodrome in front of a raucous home crowd, but Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi swiftly put that to rest.

PSG easily prevailed and extended their advantage atop the Ligue 1 standings to eight points by the time the match was completed. It was their first important victory in a while. Marseille was left in tears, mourning both forward wastefulness and a few tiny transitional mistakes in the back.

PSG were designed to be this way, with two of the greatest players in history combining to punish rivals for even the smallest mistake. The match versus Bayern in ten days will be an incredible delight to watch if they play like this.

Marseille vs PSG score: Second Half

90th min: Good luck, Marseille! DONNARUMMA MADE YET ANOTHER MASSIVE SAVING! Vitinha, a replacement for Marseille, has a clear shot at goal with only the goalkeeper standing in his way, but he deflects the cross straight at the PSG keeper. Despite the really awful performance, Donnarumma drops to make the save with absolutely little time to react.

87th min: As this game draws to a close, there hasn’t been much activity, and the outcome is all but certain. Gianluigi Donnarumma deftly grasps a cross from the wide right as Marseille only postpones what will eventually happen.

80th min: As a dramatic consolation for the home team, Marseille defender Leonardo Balerdi attempts a bicycle kick, but it misses wide. Marseille has been incredibly inefficient in front of goal the entire game; PSG’s outburst will grab the attention, but Marseille has been quite lacking in front of goal.

Not to be confused with the PSG midfielder of the same (shortened) name, Vitinha enters the pitch after Alexis Sanchez exits. Together with Ruslan Malinovsky and Cengiz Under, Dimitri Payet and Azzedine Ounahi also leave the room.

Marseille vs PSG score

75th min: Nuno Mendes, who had just recently recovered from a muscle ailment, is replaced by Juan Bernat. Nuno gave a fantastic effort tonight against Nuno Tavares of Marseille, who was both dangerous offensively and sound defensively.

69th min: A laugh breaks out from the Stade Velodrome audience, which has been quieted by PSG’s performance, when Lionel Messi is virtually knocked out cold by a superb midfield challenge. While Marseille has possession of the ball, he takes his time putting his boot back on.

65th min: Good luck, Marseille! Gianluigi Donnarumma made one heck of a halt! Alexis Sanchez’s header is only stopped by the Italian goalkeeper’s fingertips as he dives to his right. As players try to get on the rebound, he grabs the ball up while lying on the ground.

To Check the complete report, please visit here at ESPN.

Marseille vs PSG score Jonathan Clauss replaces Eric Bailly as a result of a move made by Igor Tudor. The left PSG attacking wing had plenty of room on that edge today as the former Manchester United defender was torn to shreds.

64th min: Pau Lopez leaves his position to block Nuno Mendes’ tight-angle opportunity as he was barreling past his defender and towards goal. Nuno was obviously offside on the through ball, so even if he had scored, the opportunity would have been lost.

61st min: With a three-goal advantage, PSG now makes the first substitution with Warren Zaire-Emery replacing Nordi Mukiele at right-back. Zaire-Emery, who is only 16 years old, was apparently Mukiele’s backup right-back before the game if he hadn’t shown himself healthy. He will now fill in for the final 30 minutes at that position. Achraf Hakimi’s thigh ailment prevents him from being available today.

55th min:SCORE! PSG! With an incredible volley, Kylian Mbappe has tied Edinson Cavani’s PSG club record of 200 career goals! Lionel Messi is responsible for it once more, and this time he chipped the defenders, which Mbappe intercepted before it struck the ground.

Messi and Mbappe have combined for all three PSG goals today with Messi scoring one goal and dishing out two assists each. The two forwards are now playing at a higher level!

51st min: Maybe, PSG! Both teams have been rather quiet to open the half, but Kylian Mbappe emerges with a significant chance to score after an outstanding one-two with Vitinha. But, his effort doesn’t quite have the curl he was hoping for and misses the far post.

On crutches, Presnel Kimpembe can be seen on the TV broadcast sitting on the PSG bench. He’ll probably be out for some time, which is a significant blow to PSG’s understaffed defence.

Marseille vs PSG score

Marseille vs PSG score: Kickoff: Although Marseille can draw a lot of positives from the first 45 minutes, they were severely penalized for trying to counter and now face a sizable disadvantage.

Yet, Marseille has only lost one of the five games this year in which they have given up the first goal. In the second half, will they be able to penetrate PSG’s porous defense? As Igor Tudor does not alter his lineup after the interval, we will soon find out.

Marseille vs PSG score: HALFTIME: Marseille 0-2 PSG

Goal number one: Kylian Mbappe to Lionel Messi. Second goal: a Kylian Mbappe to Lionel Messi pass.

Marseille vs PSG score Marseille dominated the first 20 minutes, but PSG took a commanding lead into halftime thanks to two counterattacks that resulted in goals. It’s really too bad for Marseille because they were up to the task right away but lost their composure when PSG penalised them for a few small mistakes. The distance feels far away for the hosts at this point, who run the risk of falling eight points behind in the race for the Ligue 1 crown.

Bayern Munich has been warned that if you give PSG even a little space on the counter, they may be very dangerous. It will be in the back of their minds as they prepare for their upcoming Champions League match.

Marseille vs PSG score: First Half

Marseille vs PSG score: 45+1 min: Good luck, Marseille! As Marco Verratti pulls back Ruslan Malinovsky at the top of the penalty box just as the Ukrainian was about to shoot, the Stade Velodrome erupts in rage. Given that it is only a few feet outside the top of the penalty area, it is a free kick rather than a penalty. Gianluigi Donnarumma is there to acrobatically tip Alexis Sanchez’s attempt over the crossbar as the half comes to a close as he stands over the ball and shoots over the wall! Once the corner has been cleared, the half is over.

44th min: Marseille has utterly disintegrated. They frequently display their annoyance and repeatedly waste their ownership. Jordan Veretout sends a free-kick opportunity miles past the 18-yard box and out of play.

39th min: Maybe, PSG! PSG is currently so dominant that Marquinhos, of all players, is making sprints for the far post! He takes a through ball while in a forward position and shoots from a tight angle to the right, but it’s a defender’s finish, and he scuffs it wide.

38th min: Maybe, PSG! Despite having a clear opportunity at goal, Kylian Mbappe is unable to take it because Pau Lopez blocks his path. With the goal mouth right there, Mbappe had a wonderful opportunity, but under Matteo Guendouzi’s pressure, the ball became somewhat stuck at his feet.

36th min:This game was dominated by Marseille, but that was a long time ago. Kylian Mbappe attempts again, this time from a considerable distance, but soars the ball excessively high and wide. He most likely could have substituted for a teammate in the vicinity or square atop the 18-yard box. At one point, the hosts were undoubtedly in the lead, but it feels like that time has passed.

33rd min: Maybe, PSG! The chance for Lionel Messi to score a third goal is enormous, but he somehow misses it! One hundred percent of the time, one would anticipate the top-tier Argentine to score that!

Marseille vs PSG score: A nudge from behind knocks Vitinha to the ground, and it’s odd that VAR does not step in given that he might have reached the cross before it reached Messi. They continue playing if there is no call and no VAR intervention.

30th min: PSG scores! Despite being in control of the game, Marseille is behind 2-0 following another counterattacking goal! This time, Kylian Mbappe on the left notices Lionel Messi as he approaches the middle of the penalty area. Mbappe’s inch-perfect nutmeg ball lands at Messi’s feet directly on the doorstep for a simple tap-in.

The two are in the best of spirits! Messi’s 700th club goal marks a significant milestone.

Marseille vs PSG score

28th min: Good luck Marseille! The ball is brought back for a clear handball even though Eric Bailly had it in the back of the net. Simply put, Bailly was in the path of a nasty long-range attack that hit his arm and landed at his feet.

26th min:PSG scores! The only players in the world who are more dangerous on the counter are Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe. Despite being outplayed, PSG manages one counterattack, and two of their best players combine to score the game’s opening goal.

Marseille vs PSG score: After a midfield miscue leads to a three-on-three situation, Messi runs the break. Before Eric Bailly can make a challenge attempt, Mbappe produces a beautiful diagonal run and strikes the ball, piercing the heart of the home squad.

24th min: The previous fifteen minutes have been spent primarily in PSG’s half. It appears that PSG must take control of the game if they are to avoid conceding an early goal. Marseille hasn’t had many chances on goal and has messed up the ones that they have had. As Sead Kolasinac gets fouled on the wing, the home crowd erupts in rage.

19th min: Good luck, Marseille! Sead Kolasinac and Matteo Guendouzi team up in the penalty area, giving Nuno Tavares another chance to score, but he is unable to take use of the opportunity, whipping the ball across the face rather than into the goal. They’re fortunate Tavares has been wasteful because this PSG defence still struggles to give teams chances to score.

16th min: Finally coming in for Kimpembe, Danilo slides into the back three. With his head in his hands, Kimpembe is seen being pushed in the stretcher down the tunnel. Hate to see that at all.

13th min: Good luck, Marseille! Nuno Mendes made one heck of a tackle! Manchester wingback On the counter, Nuno Tavares had a tonne of space on the right side of the penalty area, but by taking too many touches, the PSG defender was able to recover. It’s a fantastic tackle to end the opportunity!

Presnel Kimpembe is face down on the field, which is a major problem for the visitors, and Christophe Galtier is notified that he will require a replacement. Uncertainty over the injury makes it a major problem for PSG, who are already short on defenders because of injuries. Kimpembe, a French international who had just returned following a week-long hiatus, is stretchered out in tears as his injury problems persist.

11th min: Lionel Messi is hacked by Marseille midfielder Matteo Guendouzi in the middle of the field. The official confronts Guendouzi, who has already fouled a few players today.

8th min: The next round of corners will be taken by Marseille, but neither team can find a gap. On the right corner of the six-yard box, Matteo Guendouzi had a shot, but it was blocked because of its tight angle.

5th min: After eluding two Marseille players on the left but running out of room, Kylian Mbappe earns a corner and his cross is diverted out of the field of play. As Mbappe finally lofts the ball into the penalty area after it has been played short and cycled around to the top of the box, Pau Lopez finds himself in a difficult situation and flicks the ball over the crossbar.

Jordan Veretout heads the second corner out for the third PSG corner in rapid succession after driving the first corner to the near post. The following delivery is the best of the lot, but Marseille successfully blocks it.

3rd min: This game got off to a somewhat rocky start. Kylian Mbappe is fouled by Matteo Guendouzi, and then Marco Verratti is fouled by Sead Kolasinac. Here, early on, PSG players are taking their lumps while being jeered at the Marseille supporters. After PSG finally breaks the Marseille press, Nordi Mukiele throws a cross into the penalty box, but it is cleared.

Kickoff: The game has begun with the players on the Stade Velodrome field! Following the 90 minutes of play in southern France, how will the Ligue 1 championship race look? Will there be a difference between first and second at full-time of two points, five points, or eight points?

Marseille vs PSG score

Marseille vs PSG score: Pre-match analysis, commentary, statistics, and more

6 mins to kick: The Marseille supporters, who were out in force at Stadium Velodrome well before kickoff, booed loudly when the PSG team entered the field for warm-ups. What a welcome for the visiting team; will it have an impact on them throughout the game?

13 mins to kick: In the Stadium Velodrome in southern France, the Marseille supporters are roaring loudly! Instead of driving the eight hours between sites from Paris to Marseille, the PSG team took a quick 90 minute flight.

22 mins to kick: PSG is focused on the follow-up Champions League match at Bayern Munich in ten days. They are facing an uphill battle after falling behind 1-0 in the first leg at home. After their 3-0 victory over Union Berlin earlier today, Bayern moved back to the top of the Bundesliga standings and gained an advantage over another title candidate. Can PSG perform similarly? They most definitely require it urgently.

31 mins to kick: Kylian Mbappe is closing in on the record for most goals scored by a PSG player in club history. Just two goals separate him from the club’s leading scorer, Edinson Cavani, who has scored 200 goals for PSG across all competitions.

Cavani has 437 goals in his career, which is more than double Mbappe’s tally of 230, so Mbappe still has a ways to go to catch up to him on the list of all-time goal scorers. Mbappe, who is only 24 years old, has plenty of time to catch up, so don’t panic.

48 mins to kick: The lineups for this match were obtained later than anticipated, but they are now available. For PSG, Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi, and Nordi Mukiele all get the start. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to note that Christophe Galtier has opted to play Vitinha in place of Hugo Ekitike, altering from his customary 3-4-3 configuration to a 3-5-2.

Marseille vs PSG score: In Marseille’s dismal season, Dimitri Payet has been reduced to a bench option, and Azzedine Ounahi is still on the sidelines a week after being taken out at halftime of his maiden start for the team. Strangely, Marseille only has seven available substitutes, which is less than the permitted nine.

65 mins to kick: Nordi Mukiele is expected to start at right wingback in Achraf Hakimi’s absence due to a thigh injury, which is unexpected given that Mukiele just got back from the trainer’s room. There was talk that Mukiele’s replacement, teenage midfielder Warren Zaire-Emery, was getting ready to fill Mukiele’s spot if he couldn’t play today.

77 mins to kick: La Classique doesn’t receive nearly as much attention as other significant European rivalries, but Ligue 1 supporters still support it with tremendous zeal!

108 mins to kick: Speaking of Messi, much has been made about the possibility of him leaving PSG. After the World Cup, Fabrizio Romano revealed that Messi had decided to extend his contract with the team, thwarting attempts by rival teams to woo him away. Nevertheless, that has not yet been confirmed, and given the lack of communication from both sides, there is some uncertainty as to whether he will actually sign the contract.

Le Parisien, a French newspaper, recently reported that Messi may look for a new challenge if his team is eliminated from the Champions League. Additionally, Inter Miami head coach Phil Neville’s comments, in which he acknowledged the club has made an approach for Messi, have complicated the situation.

120 mins to kick: The FIFA The Best awards will be unveiled tomorrow at the event in Paris, and Lionel Messi is nominated along with his compatriots from Argentina, Emiliano Martinez and Lionel Scaloni. Martinez is nominated for the goalie award, Scaloni for the management honour, and Messi is projected to win the player of the year title in 2022.

A victory in Le Classique would be a good climax to his résumé before the awards are given out, where he would almost certainly win, even though voting is over and the 2022 award window has passed.

Marseille vs PSG score

Marseille vs PSG score lineups & team news

Marseille vs PSG score: Defender Samuel Gigot is the lone player out for Marseille manager Igor Tudor this weekend, while Matteo Guendouzi and Ruslan Malinovskyi are anticipated to change their starting positions.

Recently acquired Azzedine Ounahi, who made his first start for Marseille in just one game before being replaced at halftime, is dropped to the bench. As a result, Guendouzi is given a promotion to a more senior post. Dimitri Payet is also not starting, which is not surprising given his underwhelming season-long performance and two straight games as a replacement.

Given that they are only permitted to have nine reserve players, Marseille’s availability of just seven players is noteworthy.

Marseille confirmed starting lineup (3-4-2-1): Lopez (GK) — Bailly, Balerdi, Kolasinac — Tavares,  Rongier, Veretout, Malinovskyi — Malinovksyi, Guendouzi — Sanchez.

Marseille vs PSG score: Marseille subs (7): Blanco (GK), Kabore, Elmaz, Ounahi, Vitinha, Payet, Clauss

For the visitors, Achraf Hakimi, Renato Sanches, and Marquinhos, a defensive trio who weren’t put at risk in last weekend’s 4-3 triumph over Lille at home, ought to be available. Achraf Hakimi is also out due to an injury, while Neymar is hurt. Neymar is out due to an ongoing ankle issue that he first experienced against Lille last Saturday.

Attacker Hugo Ekitike will now sit on the sidelines as Christophe Galtier chooses to use a 3-5-2 system with an extra midfielder. Vitinha enters the lineup with likely starters Marco Verratti and Fabian Ruiz.

Marseille vs PSG score: PSG confirmed starting lineup (3-5-2): Donnarumma (GK) — Marquinhos, Ramos, Kimpembe — Mukiele, Vitinha, Verratti, Ruiz, Mendes — Messi, Mbappe.

PSG subs (9): Rico (GK), Letellier (GK), Bernat, Pembele, Bitshiabu, Danilo, Zaire-Emery, Soler, Ekitike.

How to watch Marseille vs PSG score

Here’s how spectators in some of the important areas may keep up with everything that happens during this match:

 TV channelStreaming
USAbeIN SportsfuboTV, beIN Sports Connect
CanadabeIN SportsfuboTV Canada, beIN Sports Connect
UKBT Sport 3BT Sport app/site
AustraliabeIN Sports 3beIN Sports Connect, Kayo Sports
New ZealandSky Sport 7 beINbeIN Sports Connect
Hong KongbeIN Sports 2beIN Sports Connect, now TV
MalaysiabeIN SportsbeIN Sports Connect, sooka
SingaporebeIN SportsbeIN Sports Connect, StarHub TV+

Marseille vs PSG betting odds & lines

Marseille vs PSG score: odds from SkyBet (UK), Neds (Australia), BetMGM (USA), and Sports Interaction (Canada).

PSG is narrowly the favorite in this away game, which reflects the tenuous belief that supporters and sportsbooks have in their recent performance. While PSG’s offensive has continued to produce plenty of goals without Neymar, the defensive setup has been abhorrent.

Since January 23, when they defeated lower-league team Pays de Cassel in the Cup de France, PSG has failed to record a clean sheet. With a 2-0 victory against relegation-threatened Angers on January 11, they have gone eight games without recording a shutout against a team in the top league.

 USA(BetMGM)UK (SkyBet)Australia(Neds)Canada(Sports Interaction)
Marseille win+17017/102.652.71
PSG win+1457/52.452.38
Over/Under 2.5 goals-182 / -1544/7, 5/41.58 / 2.251.58 / 2,34
Both teams to score Y/N-204 / +1404/9, 13/81.5 / 2.451.45 / 2,37

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