How To Create Ads Google Login Account in 3 Simple Steps – Complete Guide

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How To Create Ads Google Login Account in 3 Simple Steps – Complete Guide


Are you a Business Owner, Digital Marketer, or Affiliate Marketer? Are you ready to show your ads on Google? Then, you are in the right place to know how to create, and set up an Ads Google account, and how to run Ads Google Login.

Things To Know Before Creating Google Ads Account

There is no rocket science in setting up an Ads Google Login account. It is as simple as you think. But still, you have to keep a few things in mind if you want to run effective Google Ads that can give maximum conversions as well.

Your Website Navigation Should Be Easy and Mobile Friendly

Ads Google account will give you the clients and land them on your landing page. After coming to your site, It’s your responsibility to convert them. 

In order to achieve this, you must create highly engaging and good landing pages so that they can convince visitors to take action on this. If you are generating less interesting and irrelevant landing pages, you are just wasting your money on ads that will never come back.

Patience is The Key To Success Here

Ads take time to get conversions. You won’t see or can’t make it happen from the very first day. Your account will take time to show you the actual potential. Keywords lists and Landing Pages usually take time to establish the well-built structure of your Google Ads Account.

Also, you are starting from the bottom where Quality Scores are poor and CPCs are not very good. In between 4-5 weeks, your Ads Google Account will start creating a positive user experience and be well-structured.

Initial Months will Be Very Struggling

It’s well-known that after your account is completely set up and running, you will feel very relaxed. But, It’s not easy to manage your first month. If you are new here or starting as a complete beginner, you should take a few days to learn more about the PPC

account from some of the Free Google Ads Training Courses.

Once you get to know everything about how Ads Google Login work, then your only work is to track the performance for the very first week. 

Observe The Conversions You Are Getting

The Definition of “Conversion” is different for everyone. A visitor clicked on your Google Ad, a searcher clicked wherever you want them to on your landing page and you got a conversion. Conversions are different for everyone as an e-commerce site need purchases,  whereas a blogger wants traffic on the website.

How To Set Up A New Ads Google Login Account For You

You are done with all your keyword and market research, you already define the conversion for yourself. Now, it’s time to take some action to get your imagination to come true. Let’s see how to create and run Ads Google Login account:

Choose Existing or Create Your Google Account

Steps To Create Google Account

First, you need a Google Account to create a Google Ads account. Everyone is using Gmail nowadays, so if you are doing so then you definitely have a Google Account. If you don’t have or need another one for your business, you can follow the steps below to create a Google Account.

  1. Firstly, Visit
  2. Click on Create Account
  3. To Manage Business (if creating for your Business)
Ads Google Account - Ads Google Login
Set up and Create Google Account

While you are creating the account, it will ask you for any email id (option) under which you can create a new account.

Sign Up for Google Ads

After successfully creating the Google Account, you can create a new Google Ads account. After login to your Google Account, Follow the Steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Setting Up a New Campaign (After choosing your account)
  3. Set Up A Test Campaign and Pause (Not ready then see 3rd step)

Set Up and Create Your First Campaign for Ads Google Account

Ads Google Account - Ads Google Login 3
Campaign Setup for Ads Google Login Account

After following the above steps, Google will automatically redirect you to the first step of setting up and creating a Smart campaign. But we don’t recommend this as this option will not give you full control over your account Ad settings.

Instead of creating this, you have an option “Switch to Expert Mode”, Click on it. This will give you all the required and best options to run a campaign from starting. Also, if you need a detailed explanation then just watch the video here:

How To Create Ads Google Login Account

Hope this will help you create the best Google Ads for your business to grow.

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