Buying Virtual Land in the Metaverse – Complete Begineer’s Guide

Metaverse - Sandbox universe, Sandbox game, Metaverse Crypto, Sandbox VR - Gyaani Mind

Buying Virtual Land in the Metaverse – Complete Begineer’s Guide


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In today’s blog, We will learn something about the Virtual Land and investing in this land within the Metaverse or Metaverse Game, there’s going to be a tremendous amount of opportunity in purchasing some of these lands within this Metaverse.

I am going to provide some of the use cases as well as the purposes of these pieces of land as well as what gives value to these pieces of land within these Metaverses.

Metaverse Definition

Metaverse - Sandbox universe, Sandbox game, Metaverse Crypto, Sandbox VR, Sandbox Environment - Gyaani Mind
Metaverse – Sandbox universe, Sandbox game, Metaverse Crypto, Sandbox VR, Sandbox Environment – Gyaani Mind

A Metaverse is actually a virtual world where you can create your avatars particularly, buy some virtual land, create or organize some virtual events and even can host that events. Also, You can say that it’s like a Metaverse Real Estate. You can do some Metaverse Investing when you will know how to do it.

So, you’re not going to want to miss out because if you ever had questions about virtual land within the Metaverse or Metaverse Game. This is the article which will help you in the same. Before starting, I do want to give a disclaimer and mention that this is not financial advice. This is not a financial advising firm or website.

The NFT space is incredibly risky. So, please do your own research and make your own decisions.

So, Let’s get started.

What is the Metaverse? What Can You Do within a Metaverse or Virtual Land?

I think land in the Metaverse is going to be one of the best opportunities to be getting into in crypto and NFTs like I said at the beginning some of these plots of land have already sold for hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in some cases and you might be wondering what are the use cases, what are the purposes for these plots that are being used in these virtual worlds. Well there’s actually a multitude of different things you can use the pieces of land you end up buying within these certain Metaverse games.

Here’s a list of what those use cases possibly could be using that piece of land you can end up creating a business. You could create a business that operates within the world within the Metaverse that you’re currently on, you can host events or parties right, you can have a gathering a group of people within the Metaverse come into you place or you hosting an entirely different event for a whole other purpose, you can create unique experiences as well as games that are going to be hosted on that land or you can end up making this land your home with that Metaverse and like i said there may be other use cases. You can actually use that piece of land for but it actually depends on the game you have to land on and by purchasing one of these plots or parcels of land.

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Earn Huge with These Lands

You’re able to conduct these use cases within that Metaverse and for some of these use cases it actually pays to own a plot of land. So, we will just provide a few examples. Let’s say you end up creating a business on that piece of land you can start charging for whatever product or service you are putting out there on that piece of land and that in itself can become an income generating resource in the events case. You can create exclusive events or parties, you can end up charging people to attend to one of the examples. One of the example is Sandbox VR


I can think off the top of my head is that Snoop Dogg is hosting an exclusive party inside the Sandbox Universe and has an exclusive pass which is an NFT that people have to own to get access to this party and that once again is also a income rejuvenating resource and there’s just so many other things you can end up doing building out certain experiences, building out certain games that require some sort of pay to actually play access for that specific game that’s being hosted on that land and the land itself is this basis that could be used to create so many different things that can give you benefits within that Metaverse.

Where to Buy Metaverse ETP or How to Buy Metaverse ?

Many of us are still don’t know or want to know that from where to buy Metaverse ETP or How to buy Metaverse? So, I am covering as much information as possible in this particular article. Rest of the information will be covered in our next article.

So, It’s actually very powerful and there’s going to be a lot of opportunity and use cases you’re gonna be able to use that land for i mean if we think about it’s the same case in real life. There’s certain pieces of land you can purchase in real estate, you can purchase in real life that can act as your home that can act as a business that can act as a party venue and so many other different experiences.

You could also host in real life as well it’s not going to be any different within a virtual world and in fact it might be even more cooler because there’s going to just be so many different experiences and different activities you can create within this Metaverse.

Now, we have got some of the use cases as well as the purposes of what land actually does within a certain Metaverse. I want to give you some examples and some games that are actually having land sales or already have land up for sale in the secondary market that you can go check out.

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Axie Infinity

axie infinity Metaverse - Gyaani Mind
axie infinity Metaverse – Gyaani Mind

The first game I want to talk about is Axie Infinity and Axie Infinity is by far and away the most popular play to earn game at the moment and the most successful one at that. As of right now, It is a card game that people are able to play that allows other people to battle different axes right which are these characters within the game and you might be asking where’s the land that is involved with this game.

Well, as of right now they haven’t released the second part their game just yet but they have a portion of their game that is coming which is called lunacia which is the actually homeland and is divided into tokenized plots of land which can act as homes and bases of operations for their axes and you’re going to be able to participate in different events, different activities and different types of just overall game gameplay in the world of Lunacia. This portion of game is currently being built out as we speak and this is going to be the next evolution of what Axie Infinity will become.

Lands To Buy in Axie Infinity

We can head to the Axie Infinity marketplace and see that land is already available for sale on secondary market. They have already released a certain amount of land plots with the game so you’re going to be able to purchase some of those land plots on the secondary market on the Axie Infinity marketplace. There is five different types of land we have savannah, arctic, genesis, forest and mystic. We can see that some of these plots of land are already selling for thousands, tens of thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now, like i said that not all the land for Axie Infinity has been released by owners of the game just yet. So, make sure you are following the discord as well as following the twitter for more updates on land sales.

Mana Decentraland

Mana Decentraland Crypto Coin - Metaverse - Gyaani Mind
Mana Decentraland Crypto Coin – Metaverse – Gyaani Mind

The next thing i want to talk about here is Decentraland. Mana Decentraland is the closest idea of what a Metaverse will look like in future especially that is being built on blockchain currently as we can see this is an online world where people interact using digital avatars and access different experiences within this game.

All the activities and structures that are built in Decentraland are user generated piece of content which means that there are developers and builders within Decentraland that are building out these experiences and like i said previously as to the purpose and use cases of these pieces of land, people are building out those experiences on land plots they own.

Now, we can take a look at where to purchase some of these plots of land within Decentraland. We can go to the marketplace that is featured on Decentraland website and it shows us the secondary market of the land plots that are currently up for sale right now.

Top Metaverse Coin in the List

You can see it provides us the location of where these plots of land are currently located as well as the current price that the owner of that plot of land is currently asking for now. Decentraland is one of the most popular Metaverses that are currently building at the moment and some of these plots of land, i mean the cheapest one we’re currently looking at right here sits at ten thousand dollars right here. I know it says lesser but this is in their cryptocurrency token Mana which is currently sitting around two dollars and fifty cents. If you’ll search Metaverse Coin, You’ll easily find this Metaverse Crypto on the top of the list.

Decentraland has an increasingly amount of builders and developers that are currently building on it right now. So, there’s a lot of excitement, alot of anticipation for the growth of this game.

The Sandbox – Metaverse Game

Sandbox Metaverse - Gyaani Mind
Sandbox Metaverse – Gyaani Mind

Sandbox Game is the another iteration of a Metaverse. Now, For this Metaverse, it is a voxelized form of a Metaverse. So, it is going to have similar graphics to what minecraft looks like. Now, to give you their definition of what the sandbox is they mention here that the sandbox is a virtual Metaverse Game where players can play, build, own and monetize their virtual experiences. We empower artists, creators and players to build the platform. They have always envisioned providing the means to unleash your creativity.

There is a bunch of different experiences and games that are currently being built out in the world of the sandbox Metaverse Game similarly to Decentraland. This is all going to be user generated content meaning that the games and experiences that are being created in this Metaverse Game are being created by individuals not the company and as i said to do that you must own plots of land within this Metaverse.

Sandbox Partership with Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Lands on the sandbox - Gyaani Mind
Snoop Dogg Lands on the sandbox – Gyaani Mind

Now, Sandbox Game is showing some incredible promise already having some amazing partners so far. They have partnered with people like Snoop Dogg as well as other celebrities companies like The Walking Dead, The Smurfs, Dead Mouse, Atari and many others as well. And in my opinion, I think this game specifically has one of the highest potentials to become one of the leading Metaverses that all of us will end up playing on.

I think personally for me there’s something about that voxelized sense that all of us grew up to love with minecraft and many other of the early games. Now, To purchase some of these pieces of land you do have to head to opensea which you can find them on the secondary market not all of the lands similarly to Axie Infinity have been released just yet there is still current land sales that are happening right now.

So, you can follow them on twitter or keep up with their discord so you are staying in touch with that and if we take a look at opensea, we can see some of the plots that are currently being listed up for sale on the secondary market. Also, Sandbox Crypto is on fire day by day. There is a huge potential in the Sandbox Crypto if you’ll search.

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Mirandus – Gala Games

Mirandus by Gala games - Gyaani Mind
Mirandus by Gala games – Gyaani Mind

I want to talk about Mirandus which is created by Gala Games provides for the game of Mirandus . Mirandus is an epic fantasy rpg set in a massive world ruled by five player monarchs. In game, players have absolute freedom of choice. They can send out into the wilderness alone to try their fortunes against the monsters of the deep woods and dungeones. Join one of the monarchs to serve as a knight in their court or set up shop in one of the five great cities of the realm.

Player ownership of in-game assets is a central mechanics with players being able to hold land deeds which allow them to claim parts of the wilderness and set up hold fast ranging from small farms to massive cities. In Mirandus, you decide who you will be and choose your own quest in the epic fight against evil like Mirandus has stated this is going to be a fantasy RPG game and a lot of people are excited for this game specifically because there’s going to be so much you’re going to be able to do within the world of Mirandus and similarly to all the other games here, this is another Metaverse we could possibly be a part of.

Mirandus Land For Sale in Gala

They also have land and land deeds that are up for sale. Currently, at the moment these are on the secondary market. Now, something to note about the land in Mirandus is that it is extremely limited. There’s a lot of pieces of land that are currently up for sale or have hit the market just yet. So, there is going to be more land sales that will be conducted. Similarly, to all of these other games that we have mentioned here.

You can check out some of the land deeds marketplace within Gala Games or I believe they do have some land deeds as well that is up for sale in the secondary market on opensea. Now, those were just few games I wanted to mention here really quick and give a brief description.

Obviously, I could have gone more in depth on each and every one of these games but I also want you to do your own research and check out these games for yourself. These are some of the games I am personally extremely for and I think have massive potential in the land within these Metaverses.

Now, there’s going to be other Metaverse games that I completely missed here as well that are not on this list and I know there are some out there. So, Please list them down in the comment section below if you want me to go check them out.

Factors Adding Values To The Metaverse

Now that we’ve briefly discussed some of the projects and some of the Metaverse related games, I am personally really excited for that feature these lands to own. Let’s talk about some of the factors of what contributes to the value of these pieces of land. There’s going to be four factors we’re going to talk about. It is going to be the Location, Size, Scarcity as well as the Popularity of that Metaverse and game.


Now, Let’s talk about location really quick. Location is going to be extremely important to the value of that piece of land or the plot you ended up purchasing within a Metaverse. It’s similar to real life where the location of the real estate you end up owning or purchasing is going to be more expensive or less expensive depending on the area that surrounds it and in the case of an online world such as a Metaverse that doesn’t really change.

So, it depends on each game Metaverse but just to give you and list some examples here let’s say the location of that plot of land is closer to some resources that are crucial for the game itself. So, just further into that example we can give Axe Infinity where some of these plots of land are closer to some resources that are going to be needed for these axes or within this game that they are going to end up building on lunacia and another example we can talk about here is places like central land.

There’s going to be certain hubs and certain places within the world of the central land that will be more popular than others. So, the real estate or the virtual plots and lands are surrounding those hubs where a mass amount of people are currently located within that game may be more expensive because there’s more eyeballs and more traffic being ran through that sector and like I said there’s going to be plenty of other factors that are going to be contributing to the importance of that location but it does depend on the Metaverse and the game that is behind it.


Now, let’s talk about the size. Size is important, size does matter and don’t ever let someone tell you that size doesn’t matter because it does. Now, let’s compare two different sizes of lands. So, let’s use a small pieces of land versus larger pieces of land. For the larger pieces of land, you’re going to be able to build more and build a larger experience within that Metaverse.

The larger piece of land is most likely going to be more valuable than a smaller piece of land. It gives you the amount of space necessary to build more experiences, build more games, build a larger business or whatever you choose to do so on that piece of land.


Now, Moving on the next aspect, we’re going to be talking about is scarcity. In Scarcity, we can actually talk about the scarcity and the popularity of the game because they actually coincide with one another.

Now, Metaverses will have a certain limit to how many plots of land will ever exist. These are NFTs and they are going to be capped off at a certain amount. So, there’s not going to be infinite amount of lands that will be able to be created forever and ever. So that in itself will add some value to those pieces of land.


Now, the popularity of the game comes in. Let’s say, the user base for the Sandbox Crypto increasingly grows to this massive user base where over a million players are playing daily in the Sandbox Game and I am not too sure but let’s say there’s only a hundred thousands pieces of land that are currently within that Metaverse. Sandbox Windows game version is also available.

Facebook Metaverse, Metaverse Stock, Metaverse ETF, Metaverse Wallet, Metaverse Related Stock, Metaverse ETF Price is not included in this particular blog. Might be possible we will cover the same topic in some other articles. If you want to know anything about this, you can directly comment below down in the comments section so that we can share some great information on those topics as well.

Flip Side of Metaverse


The demand for those pieces of land in the Sandbox Universe will continue to rise as people get more acclimated and more immersed into the Game of the Sandbox so that in itself can drive up value of the pieces of land as well. Now, the flip side of that if the game itself the Metaverse that you’re purchasing that piece of land on has no user base or very little to no user base at all.

Those pieces of land are not going to have that much demand behind it so you might have to price the land lower to stay competitive and to be honest if there’s no user base within this Metaverse Real Estate.

What is the purpose of owning that piece of land ? It will add a lot of value if you are purchasing the land in middle of a town where a hospital is located or some community is available. Then, it might be possible that the value of the land will be much higher as compared to others.

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