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Asur Season 2 Review

Web Series Asur Season 2 Review: Welcome To Your Dark Side – Gyaani Mind


Asur Season 2 Review: Theme

Asur Season 2 Reviews: Asur 2 moves the plot forward by focusing on the search for a genius who is using myths and technology to manipulate people by killing and brainwashing them, while also reflecting the anguish that the characters have experienced both literally and metaphorically. With time, the playing field has expanded, and Shubh is now using technology to carry out his schemes as he acts out the mythological Kali vs. Kalki story.

Asur Season 2 Cast

  • Cast: Arshad Warsi with Barun Sobti, Anupriya Goenka, and Riddhi Dogra
  • Creator: Gaurav Shukla
  • Director: Oni Sen
  • Streaming On: Jio Cinema
  • Language: Hindi (with subtitles).
  • Runtime: 8 Episodes, Around 60 Minutes Each

Asur Season 2 Review: What’s Good

Voot entered the market with a show that wasn’t advertised as it should have been, and the only way it grew dramatically was through word of mouth, right between the pandemic and when the audience was ready to get absorbed in the most significant wave of content.

Asur was a show that was singular and a risk-free experiment from every angle due to the writing’s pure genius, which transcended not only genres but also patterns of storytelling.

The writers for Asur Season 2, which is now based at Jio Cinema, have changed. Suraj Gianani takes over for Niren Bhatt and Pranay Patwardhan, while Abhijeet Khuman and Gaurav Shukla continue to write. Asur 2’s plot, which is now about a mastermind who is poised to blow up the entire country in multiple ways rather than just a serial killer who is killing people, is introduced at the beginning of the film, you can tell that the voice has changed.

More than just a group of CBI agents battling a murderer is at play here. Now, there are good and harmful effects to this. We start by listing the positives. Asur is a rich and dangerous concept since it combines mythology and reality to tell a tale that not only mimics tales from the era of the Gods and their vision but also lets the audience determine which end of the spectrum they favor.

In this fascinating tale, police officers are no longer merely trailing a shadow; they have come to understand that the shadow has carved out little pockets of himself, and they are co-running the show with him. The mythology behind the Kali and Kalki story, technology, and noir all come together in season 2 to make for intriguing viewing.

To be fair, Shukla and his staff know how to weave complexity into a narrative and take their time to unravel the knotty details. They immerse the audience in the protagonists’ actions so thoroughly that the antagonist is never fully revealed until he has claimed yet another victim.

This aids in effectively developing the villain. Additionally, they cast an atypical actor in such a way that only the idea of him—not his face—should inspire dread. He’s always had an innocent appearance.

Asur Season 2 Review: Star Performance

With season 2, Barun Sobti undergoes a transformation both psychologically and physically. He becomes dirtier very gently rather than dramatically. The actor works extremely hard to make his art seem natural and authentic, even if you might not even realize it. Given that these youngsters have been there for so long—including the outstanding Siddhant Gupta from Jubilee—I can only wonder how no one ever noticed their potential.

Because he now has a larger part, Arshad Warsi doesn’t try to hard sell a cop; instead, he keeps it straightforward, which makes it work better. The actor never lets you leave his side, even if the middle of the writing makes his arc essentially repetitive to give him a big moment at the conclusion.

Anupriya Goenka and Riddhi Dogra both play distinct roles in the narrative, each of which is crucial to the plot. However, the magic of their relationship is lost because the narrative completely forgets that Nushrat from Dogra was drawn to Nikhil from Sobti.

Meiyang Chang was finally cast in a role that had nothing to do with his race, skin tone, or appearance. And the actor sees to it that he establishes himself. Although there is still a long way to go, we can tell that the actor has the ability to overcome it.

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Asur Season 2 Review: What’s Not Good

The show’s overall portrayal of Asur is affected by the change of writers, as can be seen. The attention to detail that the first season offered goes completely for a toss, but that doesn’t make it unwatchable. Season 2 completely disregards the storyline of the missing fingers, much like Nikhil and Nushrat’s chemistry. Flashes are seen, although that aspect is never mentioned. It certainly made a significant contribution to the plot.

Asur 2 contains a significant portion that seems out of place. It would be hard to trust and connect with the show’s content otherwise if victims were given remote controls with red and blue buttons and instructed to select. He becomes a god as a result, but he is not developed enough for us to support him in the future season.

Asur loses the charm that every mythical story was referenced in season 1. To embrace the technical angle, the Tumbbad-style storyline is fully abandoned, but I have to wonder if it would have been feasible under the previous design.

Review of Asur Season 2: Parting Thoughts

Although Asur 2 isn’t quite as good as Season 1, it still offers a compelling story. We can certainly give this program another shot to reclaim all of its former splendor.

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